Marcel Daniel was born in Brittany in 1963. He currently lives in the Guerande Peninsula in the Loire Atlantique Region.

In 1994 , he was awarded the title of “ Le meilleur ouvrier de France “   (The best craftsman in France).


In a world where Art is often so fragile and fleeting, Marcel Daniel imposes his strong, powerful, original artwork with sturdiness stemming from the noble materials of bronze, white marble from Carrare and black marble from Belgium which stand the test of time by their defiance.


Inspired by artistic anatomy, mythology, spirituality and surrealism he gives his work majestic forms.

Throughout his realism, he excels at the purity of curves and the elegance of forms and expressions.

He claims that, to him, each rough bloc.k of marble has within it, a soul, a form which he must find and set free.

Marcel Daniel regularly visits the quarries of Carrare. Here, like the great Michelangelo, he finds inspiration from every block of marble. His search for the perfect black or white marble, has led him eto become extremely demanding regarding the quality of the marble he uses.

The purity of the line, the movement and blend of materials are his trademark.

His artistic quest continues to evolve towards a certain modernity.

His works of art have been displayed in the biggest towns in France and abroad. They now form part of private collections and public treasures.


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